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In An Emergency
Dial 911 or (781) 581-1212
Wharfinger Office
Robert W. Tibbo | Email
Assistant Wharfingers
Michael Manning
Neil Sullivan
Thomas Walsh Jr.
The wharfinger is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Town Wharf, including the related parking area, slip, pram and boat storage, floats and tie-ups.

Kayak and Pram Storage Guidelines | Forms

Residents are encouraged to register kayaks with the Nahant Harbormaster regardless of where they are stored.

Approved Storage Locations:
Tudor Beach Kayak Storage Policy (Approved 6/15/2016)

  1. Kayak must display a valid identification sticker issued by the Harbormaster
  2. Kayaks must be stored in designated area (between posted signs on west end of beach)
  3. Kayak storage season begins May 1st and ends November 1st.
  4. The Town of Nahant reserves the right to remove all kayaks found in violation in violation of this policy.

Download the Kayak Release of Claims Form

Nahant Town Wharf Pram Storage Policy
Due to limited space, prams may only be stored at the Nahant Town Wharf under the following conditions:

  1. (A) The pram is primarily used to transport people/equipment to a vessel moored in the harbor immediately surrounding the Nahant Town Wharf. (B)That vessel moored in the harbor must have a current mooring permit. (C) The registered mooring must be used at least fourteen days during the current season
  2. Current pram storage agreement on file
  3. A current pram sticker must be displayed on the transom
  4. The pram must be stored in an approved space.

Download the Pram Release of Claims Form

Winter Boat Storage At Tudor Wharf
Winter Storage

Winter Boat Storage - Updated May 2021

Winter Boat Storage is restricted to boats on stands (no trailers) that are moved to and from the water by a Professional Boat Hauler.

Wharfinger permission for winter storage of a boat at the wharf is not transferable if the boat is sold or replaced.

Boats may be stored on or after September 25th and must be removed by May 15th of the following year.

There is a Boat Storage Wait List. Please contact the Wharfinger if you want to be added to this list. The current wait list is available below.
Click below to download and print the Nahant Wharf Boat Storage Application. Completed forms can be mailed or dropped off at Town Hall as per the instructions.

The application MUST have attached a check for the storage fee of fifteen $15 per foot and a copy of the insurance policy described in the agreement, meeting the minimum insurance specified, and naming the Town of Nahant as an additional Insured or else storage will NOT be permitted.

- Download and fill out your Boat Storage Application and submit with insurance papers, excise papers, and fee at the Selectmen’s Office.

- Complete applications will be signed by Wharfinger and the owner will be notified by either phone, first class mail or email that the storage application has been accepted.

Boat Storage Application
Boat Declaration Form
May 2021 Waitlist Update
Nahant Town Wharf Winter Boat Storage Waiting List*

1. J. Majchrzak
2. S. Cleary
3. M. Ackerman
4. J. Graul
5. S. Wortman
6. E. Peterson
7. T. Allard

*Winter storage is restricted to boats on stands (no trailers) that are moved to and from the water by a professional boat hauler.

Annual Spring Boat Launch and Fall Hauling Days

Fall Boat Haul-Out Day(s) | Scheduled
The following days have been scheduled with Jocelyn Marine:
Fall Dates October 15, and 16th 2020

Please contact Jocelyn Marine or qualified/insured boat hauler to schedule launch or haul-out of your boat.

Jocelyn Marine
159 Bridge Road Salisbury MA
Phone: (978) 462-9717


Spring Boat Launch Day(s) | Update TBA
The following days have been scheduled with Jocelyn Marine:
Saturday, May TBA and Monday, May TBA
All boats must be removed on or before May 15, 2019

Town Wharf Improvement Project | Updated March 2016


We would like to invite your questions and input about any aspects of this project. Please click here to send us an email.

Project Timeline
Tudor Wharf Boat Ramp and Sea Wall – Town of Nahant
MGL c.30, § 39M – Public Works Construction Contracts over $25,000

Event Date Time
Conservation Commission Hearing Sept. 28, 2016 7:30 PM
Submit Ad to Central Register Sept. 29, 2016 By 4 PM
Ad appears in Lynn Item
Ad appears in Central Register
IFB Posted on Town Website
Oct. 5, 2016 By 10 AM
Questions received by Oct. 14, 2016 3 PM
Questions answered by Oct. 19, 2016 10 AM
Bids Due By Oct. 26, 2016 10 AM
Notify Winner, Issue Notice of Award Nov. 4 , 2016 By 3 PM
Town BOS signs Contracts
Depends on when contractor returns bonds/insurance/signed contracts
Nov. 3, 2016 or
Nov. 17, 2016
7:30 PM
Issue Notice to Proceed Nov. 19, 2016 10 AM
Work to begin Dec. 19, 2016  
Work to be completed (no later than) Mar. 17, 2017  

Project Plans | PDF Download
| Posted March 2016

Boat Ramp Plan Set | October 04, 2016 Update
Construction Zone | Boat Storage | August 19, 2016
Site Plan
Condition Plan
Existing Sections
Proposed Plan and Sections
Proposed Details | 1
Proposed Details | 2

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