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Metal Recycling Begins April 25, 2020 - Details Here!

 Nahant Trash Pick Up and Recycling Is Every Thursday and Friday!
Waste Management is responsible for the trash removal and recycling program for the Town of Nahant. Recycling is every week along with the regular trash pick up. Trash and Recycling must be out to the curb by 7 AM.
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If Your Trash Was Missed Or Have A Trash Related Complaint
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For Residents Call WM:
(800) 972-4545

For Police Call:
(781) 939 1216
Waste Management Presentation To The Board of Selectmen Regarding Curbside Renewal Contact - October 3, 2019

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Recycling Information
Please make sure that your recyclables are not in a plastic bag and
keep in mind what can and cannot be recycled.
Visit for information.
Thank you!

Download Our 2019 "Recycling Right" Packet

Download Our August 2018 Community Bulletin



Trash and Recyling Guide and Bulletins
See More Under The Recycling and Composting Tab

Community Recycling Bulletin August 2018

Single Stream Recycling: Single Stream Recycling is approved by the DEP. Recyclables are collected in a regular rubbish truck, transported to the FCR facility where it is sorted into various items, i.e. paper, plastic, glass etc. Rather than sorting at the curb, it is done at the processing facility. A traditional recycling truck will be used in some areas, but please do not be concerned if you see the men load recyclables into a rubbish vehicle.

What Is Acceptable: Acceptable Waste means all that non-hazardous household garbage, trash, rubbish, refuse and offal that is normally collected from and/or disposed of the individual residential customer. Such Acceptable Waste may not include such oversized household items and white goods. Acceptable Waste may also include items of discarded tangible personal property such as bicycles, baby carriages, beds, mattresses, sofas, etc.

Paper: All news, inserts and magazines, along with any office paper, mail, and junk mail. Cardboard boxes, not coated with wax, tied and bundled in 2 foot squares, any kind of boxboard, which would be cereal boxes, etc. flattened. Pizza boxes without old pizza and the wax paper inside.  Milk and orange juice cartons may be recycled.

Co-Mingled Containers: All #1-7 plastic and glass containers. This means that one time it held the contents of a product, not molded plastic, or plate glass etc.

Aluminum/Tin: Must have held the contents of a product at one time soda, food, etc. No aerosol cans , sheet metal, steel from cars, etc.

What Is Not Acceptable: Explosives, pathological or biological waste, hazardous chemicals, hazardous wastes, radioactive materials, oil sludge, cesspool or other human waste, human and animal remains, motor vehicles, farm and other large machinery, liquid wastes, non-burnable construction material and/or demolition debris, hazardous refuse of any kind, such as cleaning fluids, crank case oils, cutting oils, paints, acids, caustics, poisons or drugs, any material banned from disposal at a waste to energy facility by the State of Massachusetts or any other material that our trash/recycling vendor determines would be likely to pose a threat to health or safety or the environment, or which might cause damage to or adversely affect the operation of the facility.

In addition to what is NOT ACCEPTABLE

Styrofoam Styrofoam is not acceptable.  Place Styrofoam in barrel with your trash.

Plastic bags: Plastic bags are not acceptable.  Take  plastic bags to your local supermarket for recycling.  

Paints:  Latex paints may be left at curbside only if completely dried out, or the liquid in the can has been completely absorbed by kitty litter type material which you have put into the paint.   Oil paints are not acceptable and must be taken to a hazardous material disposal location.  

Need a recycling bin?  No need to buy one, just stop by Town Hall and pick up a free green “recycle” sticker and attach it to any trash barrel.  This is very helpful since the small blue bins overflow easily.

We hope this update will help provide current information as we continue to improve on the services provided to our residents. Please let us know if you have further questions about our trash removal and recycling program.

Metal Recycling At The Nahant Public Works

Metal Recycling Begins April 25, 2020- Details Here!

Drop Off | Metal Recycling Drop off is last Saturday of each month April through October. 8AM - 12 PM. Drop off location is on Flash Road behind the Public Works building. Certain Fee's May Apply.

During regular recycling dates (April - October) large items other than A/C’s, monitors, microwaves and TV’s are free when residents drop them off at Flash Road.

Schedule A Pick Up | To schedule a pick up residents can call the DPW 781-581-0026. A/C’s, computer monitors, microwaves and TV’s are $15 per item.  Larger items i.e. refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc. are $25 (first item) and $10 (each additional item). 

No Cash Accespted | Checks Only Payable to the Town of Nahant

Our Compost Area | Opens Wednesday April 10th 2019

The Compost Area will open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 AM to 3 PM.  Leaves and grass only. 

Acceptable materials:  leaves, grass clippings, garden waste, weeds, hedge clippings and small brush.

Trees and tree limbs, no larger than 8” in diameter will be accepted.

Tree stumps of any size will not be accepted.

Leaves and other yard waste must be in biodegradable bags.

Please keep compost materials free of plastic, glass, cans, bottles, stones, metals, trash or other debris.

Download Our Compost Flier - April 2019

Recycling and Composting Details | Documents and Presentations


Download Our 2019 "Recycling Right" Packet


Curbside Recycling – What Goes IN – and What Does NOT


Empty and rinse

  • Cans
  • Aluminum foil (no food!)
  • Pie pans
  • Aluminum trays



  • Metal/Aluminum siding
  • scrap metal
  • foil-wrapped beverage pouches (Capri Sun)
  • pots & pans
  • utensils (silverware, cooking utensils)
  • tools

Steel (tin) cans
Labels do not need to be removed

  • food and beverage cans (metal lids OK)
  • pet food, soup cans (metal lids OK)
  • EMPTY aerosol spray cans (food, laundry, beauty)
  • Beer and soda bottle caps
  • Metal lids from jars
tools scrap metal toys (metal)
pots & pans appliances car parts
fuel tanks pipes  
hangers – wire hangers can be returned to dry cleaners for re-use
aerosol spray cans that contained hazardous products: spray paint, insecticides, etc. – even if empty
paint cans – oil paints can be brought to a Household Hazardous Waste Day. Latex paints should be dried out to be taken with curbside trash collection. Even empty paint cans should not be put in curbside recycling.

Empty and rinse
Labels do not need to be removed

  • food and beverage bottles and jars
  • medicine bottles (empty and rinsed)          


Reuse or other Curbside Trash Pick Up
wine corks baking dishes dishware
eye glasses    cookware (Pyrex) drinking glasses
vases - return to florist     broken glass windows
fluorescent lights       light bulbs – incandescent only     coffee mugs
glass art   plate glass mirrors     
holiday lights    


  • milk and juice cartons (plastic spout OK)
  • soymilk, soup and drink boxes (remove straws – dispose of in trash)

Trash or other

  • foil-wrapped pouches (Capri Sun) (bring to 1st Saturdays)
  • frozen juice cartons
  • frozen food packaging

Clean paper only. Flatten boxes. “Windows” in envelopes, staples, paper clips, tape all OK

  • newspaper, inserts, magazines, junk mail
  • white, colored, glossy, and construction paper
  • corrugated cardboard, clean pizza boxes (no  grease or food)
  • boxboard (for example, cereal boxes) 
  • gift wrap, gift bags, cards, gift tissue paper (no metallic inks, foil, wire, glitter)
  • paperback books and phonebooks
  • butter, margarine boxes
  • soda, beer cartons
  • egg cartons


  • paper cups
  • paper plates
  • frozen juice cartons
  • take-out containers (ie Chinese food take out boxes)
  • paper towels, napkins tissues
  • Tyvek or padded envelopes
  • hardcover books
  • stickers & sticker sheeting, backing from postal stamps and labels
  • glossy boxes that show white strands when torn (frozen food boxes) 
  • blueprint paper
  • dirtied paper (pet waste, paint)

*Note that hardcover books as well as paperback books can have another life by being donated to local libraries.

New Item Acrobat Documents For Download (PDF)
  Recycle RIGHT in Nahant_Presentation
  Toward Zero Waste Nahant_Presentation
  Composting Workshop Flier April 2016
  Do's Dont's Flier April 2016

Hazardous Household Collection

Neighboring communities offer disposal of hazardous household materials each Spring in April, May and June. Schedules for these events will be published when available.

Collecting and Recycling Mercury-Added Products:

We DO NOT ACCEPT light bulbs at Town Hall for recycling.

Download a list of additional DEP Approved Locations to collect and recycle Mercury added products. This document was posted April, 5, 2013

Visit the Mass DEP Website for complete information regarding Mercury and other Toxics. This website includes an interactive map for locating drop-off sites for batteries, fluorescent Lamps, Electronics and other items.

Lynn Hazardous Waste Collection Day | 8 AM - 12 PM
August 29, 2020


Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Recycle your used CFL's (compact fluorescent light bulbs) with Lucia Lighting & Design, 311 Western Ave, Lynn MA



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