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Nahant Storm Water Management

Under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater program, operators of small municipal storm sewer systems require authorization to discharge stormwater. The Town of Nahant is applying for coverage under NPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharges. In order to obtain permit coverage, the Town is required to develop a stormwater management program (SWMP).


The program is designed to reduce the discharge of pollutants from Nahant’s storm sewer system to the maximum extent practicable; protect water quality, and satisfy the water quality requirements of the Clean Water Act and Massachusetts Water Quality Standards. As part of the Town’s ongoing public education program, information regarding stormwater issues, announements and water conservation information will be posted on these webpages. Please visit these pages as our Storm Water Management Program is finalized.


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  Storm Water Management Report - June 2019
  Nahant Storm Water By-Law | August 31, 2015
  Areas To Be Updated
-Pet Waste Information
-Citizen Complaint Hotline
-Local Events and Activities
-Household Hazardous Waste Collection

MWRA Resources Webpage

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Click on the image for the 2002 Online Annual Report
  The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) will soon be mailing to every household our annual report on your drinking water quality. Look for the "Tap Into Water" report in the mail during June.
The report, required by federal law, provides the results of extensive testing by both MWRA and your local water department of 2002. The news is good - from the Quabbin Reservoir all the way to the tap - test results show excellent drinking water quality.

Over the next two years, MWRA will be completing several large new facilities designed to improve the regional water system reliability and security. These include a new ozone treatment plant, the 18-mile MetroWest Tunnel, covered storage tanks, and pipeline improvements. The two-year start-up of these new improvements begins this fall, representing the biggest advances in the regional water supply in many decades.

Water Conservation

Many areas of North America face serious water shortages and even drought each year. As consumers of these resources we can do our part to conserve precious supplies through small, thoughtful changes in our lifestyles and daily activities.

Please visit these pages as we add conservation information and events.

Areas To Be Updated
-Home Water Saving Tips
-Free Water-efficiency Kits
-Local Events and Activities


Some Conservation Quick-Tips

Lawn Watering
Water in the early morning or evening when evaporation rates are lowest. Don't water the pavement! Avoid over-watering by using a rain gauge or coffee can to measure the volume of water being applied.

Lawn Care
Allow your grass to grow taller in hot dry weather. Longer grass means less evaporation and will encourage roots to grow deeper leaving your lawn more drought-tolerant.

Car Washing
Use a bucket and nozzle on your hose. Don't let water run when not in use.

General Maintenance
Use a broom, not water hose to clear debris from patios, driveways, and sidewalks.

Plant trees to provide shade. Decrease lawn area. Use drought-resistant shrubs. Increase areas of ground cover. Mulch. Check outdoor pipes, hoses, and faucets for leaks.


Wash full loads of dishes or laundry when using a dishwasher or washing machine.

When washing dishes by hand, rinse them in a sink partially filled with clean water instead of under running water.

Turn the water off when brushing your teeth or shaving. Install low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators to cut down on the amount of water you use.

Reduce your hot water heater temperature to 120 degrees. Repair leaking faucets, tanks and pipes. Dripping faucets can waste about 2,000 gallons of water each year. Leaky toilets can waste as much as 200 gallons each day.

Current Water and Sewer Rates - Updated September 2019

FY20 Water/Sewer Rates: $9.22 (residential) and $10.99 (commercial) per 100 CF

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  What You Flush Matters


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