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The Nahant Board of Selectmen has three members who are elected to serve three year terms, as defined by the Town Charter and the Term of Office By-law. The Town Charter, By-laws and the General Laws of Massachusetts grant the Selectmen broad powers to govern the Town.

The Selectmen appoint the Town Administrator. The Selectmen act as the primary policy-making body for a wide variety of issues, which affect the Town's development and provision of services. They recommend the budget to the Annual Town Meeting, approve appointments made by the Town Administrator and the reorganization of Town Departments;provide oversight for matters in litigation;and act as the licensing authority for a wide variety of Town licenses and permits.

The Selectmen also act as the Board of Health, Cemetery Commissioners and Highway and Street Commissioners.

The Board generally meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7 PM in the Main Meeting Hall at the Nahant Town Hall. Please check our meeting agenda webpage or online calendar to confirm the most current meeting information. Meetings are broadcast on both the Comcast and FIOS community cable television channels.

Board of Selectmen's notices are available starting in 2011. Meeting notices, minutes and meeting video are posted whenever available. Some links to older files and videos may not function properly. Please let the webmaster know and we will correct the link whenever possible.
All meeting notices and minutes are posted in Acrobat (PDF) format.

View our past meeting archive here.

For additional information or schedule questions please contact the Board of Selectmen's Office at the Town Hall.

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  Josh Antrim | Vice Chair Joshua Antrim
  Gene Canty | Recording Secretary Gene Canty

Taking the First Step in Saving East Point as a Wildlife Preserve

We would like to share with you the Board of Selectmen’s plan to preserve East Point as a Wildlife Preserve.

We preface our remarks with acknowledgment that the Town addressing the health, safety and security of our residents is our top priority at this difficult and uncertain time. It is our most important priority, and we, like many other communities, have enacted a number of measures in an effort to keep our community healthy and safe. One of the uncertainties resulting from the pandemic is how Government will operate moving forward.

Currently, the Annual Town Meeting is scheduled for May 16, 2020. Until advised otherwise, we need to prepare for the Meeting as we would in any year.

It is conjunction with this Town Meeting that we initiate this action. We are at a tipping point with the projected environmental impact to East Point, and we believe that now is the time to act.

Download Our Responses To The Second Statement - July 24, 2020
Download Our Second Statement - June 24, 2020 - Updated August 2020
Download Our First Preserving East Point Statement

None At This Time

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