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Inspectional Services Office Hours | CURRENT HOURS
Monday and Tuesday 8:30 AM - 1 PM
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
If this office is closed, please leave a vociemail message
at (781) 581.5263 or an e-mail at
Department Overview
Assistant To The Inspectors | Kimberly Shultz Campo
(781) 581-5263 (Direct Line)
Building Inspector | Wayne T. Wilson
Max Kasper | Alternate
(781) 581-5263
Electrical Inspector | Ed Poulin
Dave Doyle | Alternate
(781) 581-5263
Plumbing/Gas Inspector | Michael F. Cullinan
Francis Cullinan | Alternate
(781) 581-5263
Fire Inspections | Nahant Fire
(781) 581-1235

John Coulon, RS, Board of Health Agent 
Town of Nahant, Town Hall, Nahant, MA 01908 
781-581-0088 (office)

Request for Enforcement
Please download and print the form below if you would like to contact the Health Department or make a request for enforcement.

Download the Request for Enforcement Form

About Our Office

Inspectional Services is a part time office in Nahant’s Town Hall.  Applications for permits may be completed online or in person at Town Hall, Monday and Friday from 7:30 AM until 12 PM and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30 AM until 11:30 AM.

Permits are required for any project involving new construction, plumbing, gas, sheet metal and electrical work on your property (including fences) or renovation or alteration of existing work.

No permits will be issued until payment is credited
Fee Schedules are available using the "Fees" tab on the left side of this webpage.

Click the tab (on the right) "File for Permit" for instructions on how to apply for a permit.

Welcome To The Building Inspectors Webpage

Building Work Permit Application
January 2016

The Town of Nahant is pleased to announce that the new on line permitting program is now available to the public. 

All Building, Electrical, Plumbing and Gas permits must be applied for online. See the tab on the right "File A Permit" to begin the online process.

Call Kimberly with any questions
(781) 581-5263

Building Inspector
Appointed by the Town Administrator
Wayne T. Wilson

Assistant To The Inspectors

Appointed by the Town Administrator
Kimberly Shultz Campo
(781) 581-5263

Important Announcement Regarding Flood Insurance

Existing FEMA Map

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is currently updating and modernizing the Nation’s flood maps. The new maps will reflect recent changes to floodplain sand flood risks, and will drive changes in flood insurance requirements for some property owners.

The Application for Permit To Perform Building Work
is now available for downloading and printing. We have also posted a a small group of supplemental documents you should review before submitting your Building Permit request.

If you have any questions please contact us at Town Hall or by the emaill address below:
Wayne T. Wilson

Online Documents (PDF Format)
Building Related Documents  
Table of Dimensional Requirements
(Lot, frontage, yard and heights)
(November 2006)
Table of Use Regulations
(Table 1)
(November 2006)
Supplemental Documents
Workers' Compensation Forms and Information
Employees Guide to the Massachusetts Workers' Compensation System
Workers' Compensation Insurance Affidavit:
For Builders, Contractors, Electritions and Plumbers
Workers' Compensation Insurance Affidavit:
For General Businesses

Instructions for Applying for Permit Online

When filing for a permit online you must:

  1. Register with our online system "Permit Pro"
  2. Once Registered you must Log In
  3. Select the Type of Permit you are applying for
  4. Fill out Address Information
  5. Fill out Application Form
  6. Submit Application and Supporting Documentation

You must submit the following Supporting Documents:

All Permits:
-Workman’s Comp Certificate
Homeowners filing for a permit assume responsibility thru their homeowners insurance.

For Building Permits
-Active Contractor Licenses
Even if you are a homeowner applicant and not doing the work yourself.

-A Complete Set of Building Plans
Plans must be drawn to scale and stamped by an architect. If submitting online, permits must be no larger than 11x17. The Building Inspector may request a larger set of architectural drawings.

-A Stamped, Property Site Plan
Plans must indicating graphic scale and North arrow, showing relationship to abutting streets, with an accurate size and location of existing buildings and parking spaces.

For Plumbing, Electrical, Gas and Sheet Metal Permits:
-Current Licenses and Proof of Liability Insurance
Submission of these documents not required for Plumbing or sheet metal permits.

Any questions please contact Mrs. Campo; Inspectional Services at 781-581-5263.

Nahant Online Permit Screen

Click Here To File For An New Permit.

Town of Nahant FY 16 Inspectional Services Fees
Effective February 1, 2016

Building Fees
Permits/applications $12.00/$1,000
min: $30.00
Sheet Metal Permit $10.00/$1,000

Plumbing Fees
Residential - new work $50.00 plus $10.00/fixture
Replacement $50.00 plus $10.00/fixture
Water heater $50.00
Second meter $25.00
Backflow $25.00
Commercial - new work $80.00 plus $15.00/fixture
Sewer connection $50.00 plus $15.00/fixture
Ejector pumps $50.00

Gas Fees
Residential $50.00 plus $10.00/fixture
Up to 250,000 BTU $55.00
Over 250,000 BTU $75.00
Range Replacements $50.00
Water Heater Replacements $25.00
Dryer Replacements $50.00
Commercial $80.00 plus $10.00/fixture
Re-Inspection fee $40.00
Pressure Reducing Valve $15.00
Generator $60.00
Gas Fireplace $60.00
Wood Stove $60.00
Work started without permit the application fee will triple

Electrical Fees
New service, $10.00/$1,000.00 Min. $30.00
New service, up to 200 amps $50.00
New service, over to 200 amps $80.00
New Services, each additional meter $15.00
Swimming pools $30.00
Fire Alarm $50.00
Security System $50.00
Re-Inspection Fee $30.00

Code Enforcement - General Fees
Working without a permit - all trades
First Offense Warning
2nd Offense $25.00
3rd Offense $50.00
4th Offense $100.00
5th and Subsequent Offense $300.00

Town of Nahant | Copy Of A Past Permit

Please contact us directly to request a copy of a Building Permit from our archive covering 2005 until 2015. Most Permits 2008 to the present are available within our Online Permitting System.

Click on the “ Public Information on Historical and Active Permits” and fill in the address search. Click Here To Seach For A Past Permit.

Some permits may not be available, if you have questions please contact Mrs. Campo; Inspectional Services at 781-581-5263.

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