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Town of Nahant Fee Schedule (FY'19) | Effective July 1, 2018

We hope you find this Fee Schedule helpful. If you don't find the fee listed here please visit the Contact Town Hall page and let us know. If an application is available online you will be able to download and print it out. This schedule has been approved by the Board of Selectmen. Every effort has been made to keep this list up-to-date, please confirm rates by contacting the Town Hall, Selectman's office.

View the FY19 Town of Nahant Fee Schedule here.

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References (MGL and Nahant Town Charter)

Administration (including Assessor's Office)
Copying of materials, research, etc. Town Charter, Article 3, s.3-4
Ambulance Services MGL C.40,_5F
Board of Health
General References: MGL c.111,_31
  105CMR State Sanitary Code Ch. 1, sec.400.002
Bed & Breakfast Establishment MGL C.64G,_6
Town Charter, Article 3, s 3-4
Food Service Establishment and/or
Eating & Drinking Establishment MGL C.140,_2; Town Charter
Temporary food Service Permit
Carnivals, fairs, etc. MGL C.140,_18; Town Charter
Temporary food service nonprofit MGL C.140,_21E; Town Charter
Retail food establishment MGL C.140,_2 and C.94,_305C
Common Victualler (sit down) MGL C.140,_5; Town Charter
Frozen desserts MGL C.94,_65I; Town Charter
Milk MGL C.62.C,_67 and C.94,_30; Town Charter
Vending Machines MGL C.62.C,_67 and C.94,_30; Town Charter
Board of Selectmen
All Alcohol/Restaurant MGL C.138,_12; Town Charter
All Alcohol/Package store MGL C.138,_15; Town Charter
All Alcohol/Club MGL C.138,_12,61; Town Charter
Beer & Wine/Package store MGL C.138,_15; Town Charter
Weekday entertainment MGL C. 136,_4
Sunday entertainment MGL C.136,_7
Taxi Service MGL C.40,_22
Used car dealer MGL C.140,_57, 59,67A
Beano/charity game license MGL C.10,_38,40 and C.27, _22
Facilities/usage (non-residents)
Parks, buildings, etc. Town Charter
Yard Sales Town Charter
Auction Permits MGL C.100,_5
Land Lease (Brothers II, Dory Club) MGL C.40,_3; Town Charter
Sale of grave lots MGL C.114,_24,37; Town charter
  MGL C.114,_45, 37; Town charter
Cremation (anytime) MGL C.114,_44,45
Weekend/holiday burial MGL C.114,,_10, 37 and C.136,_6
Grave stone settings MGL C.114, _37
Burial/removal permit MGL C.114,_45, 37
Fire Department
Smoke detectors/ea. Dwelling unit MGL C.148, _26B, 26E
Building False Alarms
Underground fuel tanks in/out MGL C.148, _38A, 38B
Oil burner permits MGL C.148, _10A, 10D
Storage LP gas Regulation of Board of Fire Prevention
527CMR; MGL C.148,_13
Blasting Permits MGL C.148, _19; C.148,_9, 10, 13; C.262, _34
Dumpsters/temporary  MGL C.111, _31, 31A, 31B,: Town By-Law
Nursing home inspection 4 annually MGL C.148, _4
Master box connection MGL C.143, _3L
Tank truck inspections MGL C.148,_9, 10
Fire reports MGL C.148, _10A
Burning permit (Jan 1 - May 1) MGL C.148,_10A
Other inspections and permits MGL C.148, _10A
Golf Course
Golf Course Contract
Golf Course Fees MGL C.40, _8F
Inspectors (Permits/applications)
Building MGL C.143, _3
Plumbing MGL C.142, _11; Town By-Law, Article XIV;
780 CMF-Mass. State Building Code, Article 28
Gas  MGL C. 142, _11; 780 CMR-Mass State Building Code, 
Article 28; MGL C.146
Electrical MGL C.141; C.143, _3; C.148, _10A, 10D, 26B, 26E,
  C.140, _206; 780 CMR-Mass State Building Code, Article 27
Code Enforcement/Working without a permit 780CMR-Mass. State Building Code, Article 1, section 121.0
Public Works/Water & Sewer Department
Water/Sewer rates Town Charter; MGL C.40A, _42F
Water/sewer bill dispute/review fee,
Water meter purchase, charges for
service off/on (annual and/or emergency)
delinquent payment fees, connection fees MGL C.40, _42A - 42F; Town Charter
Rubbish Collection Town Charter; MGL C.44, _28C
Compost/Recycling (contractors) Town Charter; MGL C.44, _28C 
Street Opening Permit MGL C.82, _21; Town Charter
Town employee services (DPW, custodian) Town Charter
Recreation Fees MGL C.40, _5F
School Department/Fees Town Charter
Town Clerk
Certified Vital Stats (set by MTCA) MGL C.262, _34
Marriage License filings (set by MTCA) MGL C.262, _34, 35
Dog Licenses Town Charter
UCC filings/cancellations, street lists,
zoning by-laws MGL C.262, _36
Boat excise penalty MGL C.60B, _4
Municipal lein (MGL) MGL C.40, _58
 Parking stickers Town Charter
Returned check MGL C.41, _38A
Boating & mooring fees Town Charter
From Town Charter
Article 3, section 3-4(d)
Licensing Authority: The Board of Selectmen shall be the license board of the Town and shall have the power to issue licenses, to make all necessary rules and regulations regarding the issuance of such licenses and to attach conditions and impose restrictions thereto as it deems to be in the public interest, and to enforce the laws relating to all business for which it issues licenses.
Massachusetts General Laws: Common Municipal Licenses and Permits issued by Selectmen
The following is a list of licenses and permits that are commonly issued by Boards of Selectmen, with the corresponding general law. Please note that there are some licenses and permits for which Nahant Does not currently have fees.
Type: MGL
Alcoholic beverages c.138, _2
Auctioneers c.100, _2
Automatic amusement devices c.140, _177A
Automobiles: Class I, new car dealer c.140, _58, 59
Class II, used car dealer c.140, _58, 59
Class III, junk dealer c.140, _58, 59
Billiards, pool, and bowling alleys c.140, _177
Blasting operations c.148, _19
Boarding and lodging houses c.140, _23
Boats (conveyance of passengers) c.140, _191,192
Boats (rental) c.140, _194
Cable Television c.166A,_3
Clubs, associations dispensing food
or beverages to members c.140,_21E
Coffee and tea houses c.140, _47
Common Victuallers c.140, _2
Dancing Schools c.140, _185H
Entertainment c.136, _4
Entertianment provided by innholder
or common victualler c.140, _183A
Explosives: storage/manufacture/sale c.148, _13
Ferris wheels c.140, _186
Food vehicles, lunch carts c.140, _49
Fortune tellers c.140, _185I
Hawkers, transient vendors c.101,_5, 17
Junk Collector or dealer c.140, _54
Lodging Houses c.140, _23, 30
Moving Buildings in public ways c.85, _18
Parking Fees c.44, _22F
Parking lots c.148, _56
Pawnbrokers c.140, _70
Picnic groves c.140, _188
Pinball machines c.140, _177A
Sale of articles/charitable purposes c.101, _33
Second hand dealers c.140, _54
Shellfish c.130, _52
Skating rinks c.140, _186
Soft drinks c.140, _21A, 21B
Storage/sale of gasoline & explosives c.148, _13
Taxicabs c.40, _22
Theatrical events, public exhibition c.140, _181

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