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We welcome the opportunity to talk with you. Please feel free to contact us by clicking on the appropriate e-mail address or fill out our simple Online Contact Form to leave your basic contact information.

Contractors wishing to receive a Bid or Contract Package should also use our Online Contact Form for this request.

You will also find phone numbers and e-mail addresses of Town employees and Board members on our Town Directory tab.

Notary Public services are available in the Selectmen's Office during regular business hours.

The Nahant Town Hall
Here's our mailing address and main phone number:

Town of Nahant
Nahant Town Hall

334 Nahant Road
Nahant, MA 01908
Main #: 781-581-0088
Fax: 781-593-0340

(June 2021)
Monday thru Thursday 7:30 AM - 4 PM
Friday 7:30 AM - 12:30 PM
- Treasurer/Collector Treasurer/Collector
- Town Accountant Accountant
- Town Administrator Administrator
- Selectmens Office Selectmen
- DPW Office  
- Parking Clerk  
Monday thru Thursday 8 AM to 4 PM
Friday 8 AM to 12:30 PM
Clerk's Office Link  
Assessor See Office Link
Inspectional Serv. See Office Link

Welcome To The Town Directory

Some Useful Numbers: Please feel free to contact us by clicking on the appropriate phone or e-mail address below. You can also use our easy Online Contact Form to make us aware of your comments or concerns. Thank you for your input.

List Town Hall Name | Email
  Main Number
General Information
  Fax Number
Town Hall Fax
  Town Administrator
Antonio Barletta
  Town Accountant
Alison Anieto
  Assistant Town Accountant
Lisa Arena
  Town Assessor

Sheila Hambleton

  Town Clerk

Diane Dunfee

781-581-0018 (Fax) 781-593-0340
Brendan Carritte
  Assistant Treasurer/Collector
781-581-0018 (Fax) 781-593-0340
Kim Koscielecki
  Administrative Assistant
Department of Public Works
Mary Lowe
  Administrative Assistant
Kristin Taylor
  Assistant To The Inspectors
781-581-5263 (New Direct Line)
Kimberly Shultz Campo
  Tech | Cable Channel 8
Kristin Taylor
  Town Hall | Library DPW Tom Mazzaferro
  Webmaster | Online Calendar Robert Wilson
List Board of Selectmen Name | Email
  Board of Selectmen's Office
Kristin Taylor
  Mark Cullinan | Chairman Mark Cullinan
  Josh Antrim | Vice Chair Joshua Antrim
  Gene Canty | Recording Secretary Gene Canty
List Inspectors Name | Email

Building Inspector


Wayne T. Wilson
Max Kasper
  Electrical Inspector
Ed Poulin
David Doyle
Robert W. Tibbo

Board of Health Agent
John Coulon, RS 

781-581-0088 (office)

John Coulon
  Plumbing | Gas Inspector

Michael F. Cullinan
Francis Cullinan
  Veterans Services Officer Jon Lazar
Robert W. Tibbo
Neil Sullivan
Michael Manning
List Public Safety | Services Name | Email
  Chief of Police
Robert Dwyer
  Chief of Fire Dept.
Dean Palombo
  DPW Superintendent
Zachary Taylor

Dog Officer

Scott Grieves
  Public Health Nurse
781-771-2549 (cell)
Deborah Murphy
  Emergency Management Dennis Ball
Robert T. Scanlan
List Public Records Request Name | Email
  Online Public Records Request
Use our online form or contact the department head below
Make A Request Here
  General Town Requests

Diane Dunfee

  Police Department Requests
Michael Waters
  Fire Deptartment Requests
Dean Palombo

School Department Requests
781 581-1600 x302

Chris Katsos
List Others Contact Info
  Nahant Housing Authority 781-581-9623
  MBTA Bus Schedules


  Nahant Post Office 781-581-1983
  Nahant Public Library


  Nahant School Department


Current Bids and RFP
There are no bid postings at this time.


Map and Directions

Place your mouse on the map for quick directions. These directions are also available in PDF format.
Place your mouse on the map for some specific locations. Click on the map for the Town Directory.

Emergency Numbers and Contact Information

  If a felony is in progress or if lives are threatened
List FIRE 911 or (781) 581-1234 | EMERGENCY
  Report a fire or request an emergency ambulance
  Emergency Medical System (EMS), Emergency Ambulance, EMT's or Paramedics
List Police Business (781) 581-1212 | All non-emergency calls
List Fire Business (781) 581-1235 | All non-emergency calls
  Administration, Fire Prevention or non-emergency information please call (781) 581-1235, Monday - Friday from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.
List Medical Services  
  For general health questions call the Town Hall to contact the Public Health Nurse (781) 581-9927
  Poison Control Center (617) 232-2120 or (800) 682-9211
  American Red Cross (617) 375-0700
  Crisis Center - 24HR (800) 540-5806

Employment Opportunities With The Town of Nahant

Job Postings Updated: June 2021
Fire Chief - Posting and Job Description
Assistant Town Accountant - Job Posting

Event/Activity Registration Request Form
Please download our new request form (below) if you would like to request use of the Main Hall in Town Hall, Baileys Hill Gazebo, Ellingwood Chapel and other Town property. Refer to our new Land and Facility Use policy for clarifications and requirements.

Town Land and Facility Use Policy
Use of publicly held parks, open space, Town-owned land, and facilities are permitted as authorized by the September 17, 2015 Nahant Board of Selectmen vote and administered by the Town Administrator, under M.G.L. Chapter 40, Section 3.  Download the complete policy below.

New Item Acrobat Documents For Download (PDF)
  Event/Activity and Land Use Forms
  Nahant Event Request Form | UPDATED March 2021
  Nahant Land and Facility Use Form | UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2015
  Other Forms
  FY'16 Fee Schedule
  Yard Sale Permit Form
  Camp Fire Permit

compost area 150px Please download our Event/Activity Request Form if you would like to request use of the Main Hall in Town Hall, Baileys Hill Gazebo, Chapel and other Town property.

Use of publicly held parks, open space, Town-owned land, and facilities are permitted as authorized use. Refer to our new Land and Facility Use Policy for clarifications and requirements.

Aircraft Noise Complaints

Noise Abatement Letter | July 5, 2017

Noise Complaints (617) 561-3333
Senator Brendan Crighton ( 781) 593-2490
Congressman Seth Moulton (978) 531-1669

Open Board and Committee Positions With The Town of Nahant

Board of Assessors Vacancy/Opening - June/July 2021

The role of the Assessor as defined in this document is critical to all aspects of a community’s financial health. It is imperative that the person in this position, be it elected or appointed, maintain professional standards sufficient to accomplish these crucial and important tasks.

If interested in being appointed to the assessor position please send an email or letter explaining  why you want to serve, along with a resume, to the  Town of Nahant, Town Assessor, Sheila Hambleton, Town Hall, Nahant, MA 01908,, by Friday July 9, 2021.

This vacancy must be filled at a joint meeting of the Board of Selectmen and remaining members of the Board of Assessors which will take place on Wednesday, July 14, 2021, time to be determined.


Call Firefighters - August 5, 2020

The Nahant Fire Department is seeking applicants for the position of Call Firefighter.  The Nahant Fire Department is staffed with a combination of full-time employees supplemented by call-firefighters. 

The position of call-firefighter is a part time position.
This is an opportunity to serve your community in a challenging and rewarding position while earning pay, learning and developing new skills, and gaining valuable experience.

Nahant call-firefighters must successfully complete the Massachusetts Call/Volunteer Fire Academy and First Responder/CPR training.  Call firefighters are expected to attend monthly training sessions for fire and rescue duties as well as respond to emergency fire and rescue calls for service.  Call-firefighters average approximately 20 hours a month between training and emergency response.  Occasionally call-firefighters provide additional staffing during significant storms and special events.

Candidates for the position of call-firefighter must be between the age of 18-65, have a high school diploma (or equivalent), and hold and maintain a valid Massachusetts driver’s license.  Candidates must pass a pre-employment physical as well as a criminal and motor vehicle back ground check. 

Utilities Numbers and Contact Information

List ELECTRICAL Description
  street light Visit National Grid's "REPORT A STREET LIGHT OUT" webpage and click the "Street Light Repair". You will need to complete the online form with details including pole number etc.
  compost area

National Grid Encourages Customers to be Educated Consumers
As winter approaches, customers may be approached by alternate power suppliers. National Grid customers may be contacted with offers to buy electricity from another supplier. We encourage customers to be wise consumers and consider all available energy supply options... FOR FULL ANNOUNCEMENT CLICK HERE

List WATER/SEWER Description
  (781 )581-0026
(781) 581-1212
Water and Sewer Line Breaks
After Hours Call Police

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