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Acting DPW Superintendent
Robert Ward

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Timothy T. Lowe

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Bruce Bennett
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Shawn Murtagh
Keith Olbash
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Recent Nahant Public Works Projects

Department of Public Works | 2012 Annual Report

Water and Sewer
Over the past few years the Department has completed upgrading all sewer stations throughout Town, replacing old and outdated technology with new submersible grinder pumps, electrical controls and piping.

Fire hydrants and water main valves were replaced throughout Town as part of our hydrant and valve replacement program.

I am pleased to report water main breaks have been at a minimum mainly due to the replacing, relining and flushing of water mains.

Drinking water samples were conducted twice a month and lead and copper tests were performed twice during the year.

Water meters were read three times during the year. Town Meeting approved funding for the purchase and installation of new water meters.

Sewer pumping stations were inspected and maintained on a weekly basis. Sewer mains and manholes were cleaned regularly.

The Department secured another ten thousand dollar grant through MIIA to upgrade the alarm systems at various sewer pumping stations.

Beaches and Parks
During the spring and summer seasons the department cleaned beaches, emptied all trash receptacles, cleaned and maintained all town restrooms and cut and trimmed grass throughout town on a daily basis.

All playgrounds and parks were aerated and fertilized. The Department continues to only use organic based fertilizer.

The Community Garden proved to be a huge success this year. Thank to Paul Caira for all his hard work maintaining the Garden. An area behind the garden was cleared to establish a new tree nursery.

Highway and Streets
We continued our road maintenance program, Ward road; Pleasant Street and Spouting Horn road were resurfaced.

All crosswalks and stop lines were painted. Center lines and fog lines were painted on all major roads. Streets were swept on a daily basis. All catch basins were cleaned throughout town.

Through Chapter 90 funding the Department purchased a new John Deere Front end Loader.

Compost and Recycling
The compost pile at our Spring Rd. facility has proven to be a huge success. Most of the loam produced at the facility is used for projects throughout town.

A fifty foot buffer zone was established between the compost piles and the drainage ditch to help alleviate flooding and to keep debris from entering the ditch.

We held four curbside leaf collections in the fall.

We held our metal recycling the last Saturday of every month from April thru October. This also includes television and computer recycling.

Many thanks to Town Administrator Andy Bisignani, The Board of Selectmen and Town Hall staff, the Police and Fire Departments, D.P.W. employees including summer crew and part time help, all Boards and Committees and the residents of the town for their continued support.

Respectfully submitted,

Timothy T. Lowe
Superintendent Nahant D.P.W. 



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