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Property exclusion from pesticide application (“no sprays”)

New legislation has been adopted for property exclusions from pesticide application.  MDAR will be handling the requests from the public through an online service. This year they will be accepting exclusions that come to Town/City Clerks as they have in the past; prior to the March 1st deadline.

The NEMMC District has not received complete information regarding the process from MDAR and SRB. Essentially property owners will be able to submit exclusion requests to the MDAR/SRB directly, either by mail or online (system is not yet finalized). Property owners will be able to submit exclusions that will go into effect 14 days after exclusion has been received by MDAR/SRB. The State will forward the exclusions to the Districts, with date received by State is the starting time for the 14 day notice.
NEMMC will be forwarding you additional information as we receive updates.  We will pick up any exclusions that come to the Town/City Clerks as we have in the past. (We will do this after March 1, 2017.)

This new process will remove the responsibility of the collection of exclusions from Town/City Clerks for the ensuing years.

Thank you for your past assistances in this process, we will keep you up-to-date as we are informed.

We will have a new Website going online the week of February 13th, once we receive complete information from the state we will have a link for property exclusions.

John Moak
Acting Executive Director NEMMC

Rodent Control Program | July 2016

The Town of Nahant has recently begun a new rodent control program designed to manage rat populations in neighborhoods directly adjacent to coastal beaches.  The program involves the placement of bait boxes (rat poison) within residential properties and along the shoreline of infested beach areas.  Please accept this correspondence as a notification of this new program and a request for any interested parties to contact the Town Hall, by calling 781-581-9927, to make arrangements for placement of bait boxes. 

All property owners interested in participating in this new rodent control program are required to first fill out and return a waiver form (see attached).  Upon receipt of this form, the Town will contact the selected exterminator to visit your property and to place a bait box in a discrete and secure location.  Each situation is unique and the exterminator will do their best to place the bait box in a location that offers the least visibility and the greatest safety.  

New Item Acrobat Documents For Download (PDF)
  Download Program Details and Waiver Form Here


Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) reports that a mosquito in Nahant tested positive for West Nile Virus.  Because of the time of the year, there is no cause for concern. West Nile Virus causes no symptoms in the majority of people (80%) who are infected.

Download the MDPH Notice and Fact Sheet. Again so per the MDPH - "no cause for concern or action."

Nahant Board of Health

Our Sharps Container



Nahant's Smoking Ban

Nahant/State No Smoking Regualtion - Effective July 5, 2004
The Board of Health (Selectmen) and our health officials are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all our residents. According, please download and read our new State Law regarding smoking in public places that goes into effect on July 5, 2004. The document is an Acrobat PDF. Other resources and information are provide below courtesy of our State website

Although most legislation in Massachusetts limiting youth access to tobacco products and providing protection from secondhand smoke is passed and enforced at the local level, the following Massachusetts General Laws apply to all communities in Massachusetts:

Summary of all State laws (MGL) related to tobacco

Other Resources: Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program Links

Other Health Resources

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MPH "Conversations" Blog for current health information.
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Website Resources
For more detailed information about Swine Influenza:
1) Mass Dept. of Health
2) U.S. CDC Swine Influenza Website

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