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Welcome to the Nahant Cultural Council

The Nahant Cultural Council Will Be Meeting Saturday

Saturday, December 10th at 10 AM
To Review This Years Grant Proposals
Grant Applicants and the Public Are Invited To Attend
FinCom Room | Lower Level

About The Cultural Council and The Projects We Fund Each Year!

The Nahant Cultural Council supports a number of local organizations in Nahant that present programs oriented toward the arts. The council does not present its own programs.  

Grants are usually “partial funding” instead of fully funding a particular activity. T

he Massachusetts Cultural Council provides funding to our local council.

Cultural Council
Appointed by the Town Administrator

James H. Walsh | Chair
Patty Toomarjian
Linda Landry
Susan Branga
Joyce Haynes

Our e-mail address is:

Nahant Cultural Council 
PO Box 207 Nahant, MA 01908 | (781) 367-2007

In 2016 we have provided modest funding to:
Name Project Amount
Nahant Historical Society Ellingwood Concert Series $2,000
Johnson School   $1,762
Forty Steps Dance Company   $1,200
Nahant Public Library   $750
Council On Aging   $225
TOTAL   $5,937

In 2015 we have provided modest funding to:
Name Project Amount
Nahant Historical Society Ellingwood Concert Series $3,300
Forty Steps Dance Company Spring Dance $1,200
Nahant Music Festival Sleeping Beauty $1,000
41Gallery of Photography and Art The Works of Carl and Hellen Goddard $100
TOTAL   $5,600

In 2014 we have provided modest funding to:
Name Project Amount
Nahant Historical Society Ellingwood Concert Series $2,500
Johnson School North Shore Music Theater $750
Forty Steps Dance Company Performance At Town Hall $500
Nahant Music Festival Nahant Music Festival $500
TOTAL   $4,250

Please contact us if you have any questions about applying for funding for your project or program!

How To Apply For A Grant


The Local Cultural Council (LCC) Program is the largest grassroots cultural funding network in the nation supporting thousands of community-based projects in the arts, humanities, and sciences annually.

ARTS | Creation of work in the crafts and performing, visual, media, folk, design, literary and interdisciplinary arts. Presenntation / preservationof and education about, the arts.

HUMANITIES | Culture, language, and Creativity. Examples are, history, socila studies, philosophy, criticism and literature.

INTERPRETIVE SCIENCES | How nature, science and technology relate to people's lives. Examples are aquariums,botanical gardens, nature centers, natural history museums, planetariums.

The program promotes the availability of rich cultural experiences for every Massachusetts citizen. These include school field trips, afterschool programs, concerts, festivals, lectures, theater, dance, music, and film. Grant funded projects take place in schools, community centers, libraries, elder care facilities, town halls, parks, and wherever communities come together.

Individual artists, schools, and cultural organizations are eligible to apply for project support from their local council. Funding for cultural field trips is also available.

Application Guidelines | In order to apply for an LCC grant, applicants must meet all eligibility and criteria requirements of the LCC Program. Councils make funding decisions that best meet the particular needs and priorities of their community within the parameters of the broad state regulations and guidelines. Key aspects of the eligibility requirements for LCC grants and criteria for funding are discussed below, as well as the few restrictions that the MCC imposes on state funds.


Documents and Forms

New Item Document Download (MS Word and PDF)
  Grant Application Form | MS WORD or PDF
  Field Trip Application Form | MS WORD or PDF
  LCC Program Regulations and Guidelines | PDF
  Our Nahant LCC State Webpage With Forms and Other Info

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