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Tudor Beach Is Closed Until Further Notice.
Posted: Tuesday July 27, 2021 3:30 PM


Visit The Nahant COVID-19 News and Resources Website

Click here to make a Vaccination Appointment at the LCHC Clinic at Lynn Tech.

Nahant COVID-19 Hotline for Vaccine Registration

The town of Nahant has a dedicated phone line to help our elderly residents with the online registration process for vaccines. Please call during normal Town Hall hours for assistance. ( 781 ) 771 - 8222

Nahant COVID-19 Hotline (781) 771-2121


Nahant Farmers' Festival Interest Survey

The Town of Nahant is dedicated to curating new and exciting initiatives for its community members. We are delighted to introduce the Nahant Farmers' Festival. The Nahant Farmers' Festival will be a hybrid kid-friendly activity space with the opportunity for vendors to sell locally sourced foods and artisan crafts.



Vacant Seats for Alternate Members of Planning Board

The Nahant Planning Board has seats available for alternate members that will be filled by a joint vote of the Board of Selectmen and the members of the Planning Board.

 Composition, term of office: The Planning Board consists of seven (7) members elected for five (5)-year overlapping terms, so arranged that as nearly an equal number of terms as possible shall expire each year.  The Planning Board is authorized under Zoning By-Law section 9.09(I) to appoint two (2) alternate members, each of whom is a registered voter in the Town, to serve for two (2)-year terms, such that the term of one alternate member expires on June 30 of each year. 

Powers and duties: The Planning Board shall make studies and prepare plans concerning the resources and present and future needs of the Town. It shall have the power to regulate the sub-division of land within the Town by the adopted rules and regulations governing such development. It shall have all the powers and duties given to planning boards by general laws and such additional powers and duties as may be provided by the Charter, by by-law or by Town Meeting vote.

The chair of the Planning Board may designate an alternate member or members to sit on the board for the purposes of acting on a special permit application, in the case of absence, inability to act, or conflict of interest on the part of any member or members of the Planning Board or in the event of a vacancy on the board. Alternate members will be expected to attend all Planning Board meetings that involve Special Permits and encouraged to attend all other Planning Board meetings. When not designated to sit on the Planning Board in connection with a special permit application, alternate members may participate in discussions and provide input in their capacity as residents of Nahant.

The alternate members shall be appointed by a joint vote of the Board of Selectmen and the Planning Board. The Joint Meeting of the Board of Selectmen and the Planning Board is currently scheduled for August 18, 2021.

Deadline for submission of letters of interest and resumes is August 11, 2021.

Please send letters of interest and resumes to:
Kristin Taylor at and the Planning Board at


Town Meetings Update - June 16, 2021

The Governor has signed the bill which allows town councils, state boards, and other bodies to continue to hold remote public meetings, which many have continued to do as millions of people have become vaccinated, until April 1, 2022. Town meetings can be held remotely until Dec. 15, 2021.

Until further notice all town and public meetings that are posted shall be held remotely (via ZOOM) unless specifically noted on the Agenda.

February 26, 2021 Letter To Northeastern
Today we are sending a letter to Northeastern University.

By way of background at a hearing on January 26, 2021, Essex County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Karp suggested that the parties may wish to consider mediation. While such efforts initiated in the past by the Board of Selectmen proved fruitless (See Selectmen’s Statement dated September 29, 2020) , nonetheless the Board of Selectmen was willing to give mediation another chance and on January 29th, sent a letter to NU indicating the Town’s willingness to mediate, a copy of that letter can be found here

 In response, the Town received a letter from Northeastern’s General Counsel telling the Board that it was not prepared to mediate until certain unacceptable ground rules dictated by Northeastern were accepted by the Town, a copy of that letter can be found here The following letter is our further response that we today are sending to Northeastern University.


An Update from the Anchor Food Pantry

 The Anchor Food Panty can be reached for questions through email or their Facebook page. Previous Anchor Pantry postings are here.


Board of Selectmen Meeting Video
The most recent Board of Selectmen meeting is being broadcast on our local channel daily at 2 PM and 6 PM on Verizon Channel 45 and Comcast Channel 8. The Board of Selectmen meetings can also be found and reviewed on our Meetings Page on this website or by visiting the online Video Archive of meetings.


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