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Welcome to the Green Lawn Cemetery Advisory Committee
greenlawn "A very early action of the town, at the third town meeting in 1853, was the appointment of a committee on a town cemetery. At the March, 1856 meeting the committee reported the purchase of a lot in Range Eleven containing about two acres.

In 1858 a street was laid out from the highway to the cemetery and the place was named Greenlawn Cemetery" Fred A. Wilson from Some Annals of Nahant
Ellingwood Chapel
EC "At a special town meeting in 1918, the town accepted the offer to build a cemetery chapel, thus carrying out the intentions of her late husband. It was started in 1919 and dedicated on May 30, 1920.

It was named "Ellingwood Chapel" in memory of Joanna Ellingwood Green and Joseph Johnson, Jr., who were Luther Johnson's mother and Father."

Fred A. Wilson from Some Annals of Nahant

List Cemetery Advisory Committee
Appointed by the Town Administrator
List Committee Members | 2015

Susan Snow | Chair 
Francis Barile
Peggy Barile 
Perry Barasso 
Carol Nelson
Christopher Meyer
Calantha D. Sears
Susan Snow
Nancy Wilson
David Wilson

A Brief Overview Of Regulations At Greenlawn
- Cars are permitted on the main road only
- Bicycles and motorcycles are not permitted
- Walk on main road and paths only
- Do not walk on lots or gravesites
- Picnicking, drinking, sunbathing and lying or sitting on the grass is not permitted
- Flowerbeds are only permitted in front of above ground headstones
- Artificial flowers, glassware containers, decorations or "eternal lights" or other permanent structures, such as benches and chairs are not permitted
- Flowers that become unsightly will be removed immediately at the discretion of the groundskeeper
- Potted plants or baskets of flowering plants are permitted at Easter, Memorial Day, Mother's and Father's Day and for a period of (10) days thereafter
- Flags and markers for veteran's graves are permitted from May 15th through November 15th and will be removed if they become unsightly
- Footed flower containers are permitted from May 15th through November 15th. Unsightly containers or flowers must be removed. Containers must be light enough to be moved by one man and heavy enough not to be easily
blown over. Flowers, containers, pots and other permitted ornaments must be less than 18' in height.
- Pets are not allowed

Greenlawn Cemetery | National Register of Historic Places
GL - Added 2000: 195 Nahant Road (District #00000481)
- Historic Significance: Event, Architecture /Engineering
- Architect, Builder, or Engineer: Cram and Ferguson; JT Wilson & Son, Charles J Connick.
- Architectural Style: Late Gothic Revival
- Area of Significance: Architecture, Community Planning And Development
- Period of Significance: 1850-1874, 1875-1899, 1900-1924, 1925-1949
- Historic Function: Funerary | Historic Sub-function: Cemetery
Greenlawn Cemetery Expansion
Click on the image to download the latest Greenlawn Expansion Plans (PDF Format)
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