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Early Morning Scene - Tudor Beach and the Town Wharf

"A town is people and the history of a town is the story of those who lived there." Stanley Paterson/Carl Seaburg from Nahant On the Rocks.

Nahant has a long and rich history of being made up of family groups and diverse individuals who share a common ground and strong commitment to this island community. Explore the sections on the left to find out more about your community.
A Brief History
The Town of Nahant is a resort town of rocky coasts in the southernmost part of Essex County. Used in early colonial days as a grazing areas for cattle, sheep and goat flocks owned by Lynn residents, Nahant very soon became a maritime community with a small population devoted to fishing. Settlers were granted land for homesites but only if they also spent time fishing and smallboat fishing developed before 1640. Disputed land claims were the hallmark of the town's early years since the Sachem of Nahant, Poquanum (also called Duke William, Black Will or Dark-skin) apparently sold the same town site to three different sets of people.

By 1657, Nahant was laid out in planting lots of equal shares for all residents of Lynn with the requirement that all lots were to be cleared of wood in 6 years. This mandate effectively stripped Nahant of all its first growth woodlands.

The town became a resort mecca very early on with chaises coming from Lynn. Visitors stayed in boarding houses or private homes and the first hotel was built by 1803. In 1817 a steamboat sailed from Boston to Nahant daily and by 1826 a stage from the Nahant Hotel connected twice a day with coaches running between Boston and Salem. Fishing and several shoe shops were the major businesses aside from agriculture and tourism and even up to 1830 year-round residents were very few. Thomas Handyside Perkins, a prominent Boston businessman, built a hotel in Nahant in 1823 which featured a bowling alley and by the 1840's the town was already celebrated as the summer resort of Boston's elite.

Incorporated in 1853, the town was the site of the most massive hotel complex on the Atlantic Coast and the location of an annual regatta. By the end of the 19th century, there was a visible shift away from hotels and toward residences. An era of skyrocketing growth began about 1870 and continued unabated for the next four decades with construction firms putting up hundreds of summer homes for visitors to the town. In the modern era, Nahant has protected its residential status and farming and industrial activity have disappeared.

Nahant is located in Eastern Massachusetts, it is a peninsula jutting south of Lynn and surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean.
Nahant is 14 miles north of Boston; 98 miles south of Portland, Maine; and 232 miles from New York City.
Total Area 15.48 Square Miles
Land Area 1.24 Square Miles

CAL Municipal Announcements and Notices

- Conservation Committee Opening | September 2015
The Town of Nahant is seeking candidates to fill a vacant position within the Conservation Commission.  All interested candidates should submit a letter of interest, a resume, and information explaining why they are a good candidate for the appointment.  All submittals are to be delivered or sent to at the Nahant Town Hall, 334 Nahant Rd, Nahant, MA.  A vote to appoint will occur at a Board of Selectmen’s meeting to be held on at the same location in the near future.

CAL Community Announcements and Event Listings

- Nahant Reads Together

February 5th marks the kick off of “Nahant Reads Together,” a campaign encouraging everyone to read one book during the cold winter month of February.  Attend the February 5th breakfast to hear Nahant Public Library Director Sharon Hawkes introduce the program and have available copies of the book “The Burgess Boys,” by Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Elizabeth Strout, as well as ebook and audiobook editions.  Bring you Massachusetts library card. Details of the program are also available on the Nahant Public Library website!

- Nahant Community Breakfast


You are cordially invited to the next Nahant Community Breakfast to be held on Friday, February 5.  It will feature a presentation by Nahant Town Administrator, Jeff Chelgren.   He will present the FY2017 Town Administrator Budget and review the draft Town Warrant Articles in preparation for the April 30, 2016 Annual Town Meeting.  This is one in a series of presentations that will occur in order to inform the voting public of the evolving town budget and the warrant articles that the voters will be asked to take action on in April.

The free breakfast starts at 8 a.m.    Plan to come for an informative presentation, a hearty breakfast and some wonderful camaraderie.    Spread the word and bring a family member or friend. 

Arrangements for transportation of elders to and from the breakfast may be made by calling the Tiffany Room a few days in advance of the breakfast at 781-581-7557.

We hope to see you at the February breakfast.

Cal Hastings, Community Breakfast Coordinator

Saturday, January 30 – Silent Movie Feel My Pulse (1928) starring Bebe Daniels and William Powell.  It’s about a wealthy hypochondriac who inherits a sanatorium and finds love and adventure.  Live, improvised piano accompaniment will be by Rob Humphreville.  The movie will be shown at 7 p.m., preceded by a potluck supper at 5:30 p.m.  Ticket prices at the door are $15 for adults and $5 for students.  Children under age 10 are free.  Seating is limited.  This is a not-to-be-missed event.

March 1st Breakfast with topic of presentation to be announced.

- Public Lecture Series At The Marine Science Center / NEXT EVENT
For more information visit the MSC event website.
Tuesday, February 9th at 7:00pm Brandy Wilbur, STEM Coordinator SwampscoL High School
Tuesday, March 15th at 7:00pm 
Dr. KaOe LoLerhos, Assistant Professor of Marine &
Environmental Sciences, Northeastern University

- Annual Nahant Beaches Clean Up!
May 14, 2016 | 10 AM until 12:30 PM
Meet at the Nahant Life Saving Station
Contact Vi Patek for additional information.

Nahant Religious Organizations

"Bless O Lord our island home next to the ever changing sea. Stay with us e're we roam even to eternity. Help us humble in thy sight, help us all thy work to see. Standing always in thy light to walk the chosen path with thee. God of ocean, God of sea, author of eternity. Watch with us while sea gulls soar, hold us thru the tempest's roar."
Risch/Dineen 1990 from the Nahant Hymn

Nahant Village Church

Nahant Village Church

The Nahant Village Church represents a union of all Protestant church groups in Nahant. We invite you to share in our fellowship and worship, to make this your church home, and to call upon us for service. We are affiliated with the United Church of Christ.

The Nahant Village Church was established in 1850.

Contact Information
Reverend Dr. Larry Titus |
27 Cliff Street | PO 77 | Nahant, MA 01908 | (781) 581-1202
Visit Our New Website!

Hours Open
Sunday's and by Appointment

Our Newsletters
Click Here For Our Online Newsletter

Saint Thomas Aquinas Church

Saint Thomas Aquinas Church

We are a community built on a hill (Mt. 5:14). We are like a "Light for the whole world" striving to live Christ's life and grateful to those who have passed the light to us. We will share it with all.

Contact Information
Reverend Terence P. Curley, D. Min., Pastor
Reverend Charles Onyango Oduke, S.J. Weekend Assistant

Church Office

248 Nahant Road, Nahant, MA 01908
(781) 581-0023 (Rectory) 781598-8860 (Fax)

Daily Mass
Mon-Tues-Fri. 9:00am, Sat. 4:00pm and Sun.8:00am and 11:00am

Organizations Around Town

A Wonderful Example of "Village Improvement"

"The 90's (1890's) saw a vigorous "Village Improvement Society". It was founded in 1897 and had as its object the preservation of the natural beauties of the town and the improvement in welfare of the people. This group was also partly responsible for the purchase by the town of Marjoram Hill for a public park."

If you would like your non-profit Nahant organization listed here please email the webmaster with your information.

Nahant Organization Links

"Nahant Arts" 2015!
41 Gallery
Ellingwood Chapel Concerts
Nahant Music Festival

Nahant American Legion | Nahant Veterans Association
Nahant Historical Society
Nahant Lions
Nahant Preservation Trust

Nahant Education Foundation (New Address)
Nahant Public Library

Nahant Community Garden
Community Garden Blog
Nahant Garden Club
(JULY 18, 2015 Nahant Cmty Garden Farm Stand Now Open for limited produce)
Nahant SWIM

Sports and Recreation
See Our Recreational Activities Page Here

Nahant In Pictures

Outside of Boston, there is a special island community surrounded by harbors, sounds and bays and located on the Northeast flyway. Our neighborhoods, shops, public golf course, nature walk, university marine center, and iconic Life Saving Station enjoy spectacular coastal views of Boston and its North Shore. Nahant is a place where people live, work, play and learn. A place with a primary school, churches, community groups, leisure and cultural activities, and no stop-lights. Nahant is unique. Watch our faces and places and see why!
Nahant Arts Nahant Arts Nahant's arts classes, artists, musicians, dances, performances and more!
Nahant Celebrations Nahant Celebrations Nahant's 150th Anniversary and events, Sears Pavilion Dedication and more!
Our Community Nahant Community Coming together as only a small community could!
Johnson School Johnson School First day of school, Kylee nights, 6th play, field day and more!
Public Services Public Services Nahant's DPW, NPD, NFD and more!
Nahant Recreation Nahant Recreation Running, racing, baseball, pirates and sailing!
Nahant's Veterans Nahant's Veterans Veterans Day, Veterans Park and Memorial Point dedications.
Memorial Day Memorial Day A special tradition in Nahant.
Fourth of July 4th of July Our Horrible's Parade, memorial road race, kids games and fireworks!
New Year's Day New Yeras Day A chilly, quick dip, jumping off the Wharf and the New Year's Day "Soup Row".
Town Hall Town Hall The center of Town... anchor of our Historical District.
Spring Time In Nahant Spring Planted and wild flowers abound!
Summer In Nahant Summer Some would say..."what Nahant is all about"!
Nahant's Tudor Wharf Tudor Wharf Year round there is always something happening at "The Wharf".
Fall Fall The changing colors and spooky decorations of Fall.
Winter Winter Dig in...dig out, Winter in Nahant is coming, no doubt!
Storms Storms Wind and rain, ice and snow, it's all part of Nahant ebb and flow.
Wildlife Wildlife Some of our annual visitors and permanent residents!
A Walk Around Town Walk Some walks around our island next to the sea.

Welcome To Our Scholarship Page


We are very fortunate to have several groups and private individuals in our community who offer educational scholarships to help young people further their learning.

Below are the listings we are currently aware of. If your organization offers a scholarship please send in the information and we'll be happy to include it on this page.

Scholarship Name: Amount: Due Date: Application | Contact
Rona Brodsky Memorial Scholarship $500 2015 | TBA Johnson School or
Swampscott High School

A $500 memorial scholarship was established in the fall of 1997 upon the sudden and untimely death of Rona Brodsky.  Miss “B” taught first grade at the Johnson School in Nahant for almost thirty years and she was known and loved by all.  This scholarship will be awarded to a member of the High School Class who has been accepted by a two year or four year college leading to a degree.  Applications for this scholarship may be obtained at the Johnson School or Swampscott High School and must be returned to the Johnson School no later than the date above.

Thomas Hutton Scholarship $500 2015 | TBA Johnson School
The Nahant Christmas Parade scholarship has been rededicated to Tom Hutton. The scholarship requirements are:  Community service, copy of acceptance letter to a school of higher learning (could include Prep school) college or university.  A letter of recommendation from either a Teacher, Clergy, Community service leader, etc.  and a brief letter from the student requesting the Scholarship about their interests and desires for their future.

Nahant Democratic Town Committee Scholarship $500 September 7th
Patricia McDevitt

Scholarship in loving memory of Bernie Yadoff

The Nahant Democratic Town Committee is pleased to announce the eligibility requirements and instructions for the 2015 Scholarship in memory of Bernie Yadoff.  Bernie was a member and officer of the Nahant Democratic Town Committee for decades and it is only fitting that a scholarship be awarded in his name.

Our "Bernie" was "Dr. Bernard Yadoff, PhD."  He received his doctorate from the University of Pittsburg and was a practicing clinical psychologist in that city for more than 20 years before moving to Nahant in 1976.  From the very first Bernie involved himself in the public affairs of our community with particular interest in the Nahant Schools, the Nahant Lions Club and the Nahant Public Library.  He served on the FinCom for many years and was a member of the ACLU, an organization that he tirelessly supported throughout his adult life.

We would like to think that in all the many activities he pursued he reflected the Democratic values of compassion, fairness, and equal rights for all citizens.  He was a thoughtful man who engaged with others to better the lives of all his fellow citizens and we on the Nahant Democratic Town Committee were fortunate to serve with him and are proud to honor his memory.

Eligibility Requirements:
1.  Nahant Resident
2.  Born on or after July 4th, 1989.  Please note this scholarship is open to all college levels, not just high school seniors.
3.  Enrolled full-time in a two or four year accredited degree seeking program at an institution of higher learning located in the United States.

Instructions: Create an original 30 second YouTube video titled "Join Me and NDTC in Voting Democratic in 2016 because..."  Post the video on the Nahant Democratic Town Committee Facebook page by the deadline listed above. Casting yourself in the video is optional.

Good Luck!!!

Garden Club
$2,000 2016 | TBA Jeannie Buckley
The Nahant Garden Club, once again, is pleased to announce our offer of a $2,000 academic scholarship, to a high school graduate, who has been accepted to an accredited institution of high learning. The applicant must be a current resident of Nahant and have been a resident for at least 3 years. Their course of study should be related to ecology, environmental engineering, conservation, landscape architecture, botany, or horticulture. In the absence of an applicant majoring in any of the above fields, the scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding student. Preference will be given to a student who has demonstrated significant contributions to civic and community service organizations.

Applicants must include: A transcript of grades, an autobiographical letter describing the applicant’s accomplishments, a copy of acceptance to an accredited institution of higher learning and a letter of recommendation from a teacher, or community leader.

Please submit all requirements to:
Jeannie Buckley, 7 Walton Road, Nahant, MA 01908.
For more information, please call 781-581-0389

Captain Jennifer J. Harris Scholarships (2) $1,250
2016 | TBA Swampscott High School

The Family of Captain Harris announces the following annual memorial scholarships:

Swampscott/Nahant Citizen Scholarship:  Graduating Swampscott High School students, Home Schooled students or GED recipients from Nahant and Swampscott are invited to apply for a $1,250 scholarship to support college expenses.

Returning Veterans: Enlisted veterans returning from an extended overseas combat deployment (6+ months) who are from Nahant, Swampscott or other North Shore communities are invited to apply for a $750 scholarship, to be awarded to one North Shore Veteran, to support college expenses.

Information, eligibility requirements, and applications for all scholarships are available at   Application deadline is May | TBA

Captain Jennifer J. Harris, a native of Swampscott, MA, graduated from Swampscott High School in 1996 and from the United States Naval Academy in 2000.  She was the first female helicopter pilot assigned to the famed Marine Corps squadron HMM-364 “Purple Foxes,” served three tours of duty in Iraq flying casualty evacuation missions, and was killed in action on February 7, 2007 when the helicopter she was piloting was shot down.

An educational trust continues Captain Harris’s legacy of serving others.  Contributions may be sent to the Captain Jennifer J. Harris, USMC Memorial Scholarship Fund, Eastern Bank, 405 Paradise Road, Swampscott, MA 01907.

FYI: Previous Lynn English recipients include Andrew Henkenmeier and Jessica Sabino. Previous Swampscott/Nahant Citizen recipients include: Kate Elizabeth Bartholomew, Carissa Roche, Christopher M. Kalpin, Gina Rose Barden.

Charles Kelley Scholarship $500 2016 | TBA Download PDF Here

Please type a short essay on what Community Service means to you. Please DO NOT put your name on the essay.

Please submit the following with your scholarship application:
1) Copy of you Letter of Acceptance (If you do not yet have your letter please forward as soon as received)
2) A Short Essay ( Typed on a seperate peice of paper)

ELIGIBILITY FOR THIS SCHOLARSHIP | Any Nahant resident who has been accepted to a two or four year accredited college is eligible for this scholarship. Please submit a short essay on what "Community Service" means to you.



A LITTLE ABOUT CHARLES KELLEY | The Charles Kelley Annual Scholarship was established by residents of Nahant and the Nahant Board of Selectmen in memory of Mr.Kelley’s dedicated years of service.

Mr. Charles Kelley served for 33 years as a selectman for the Town of Nahant, this is the longest in the town’s history, and it is believed to be the longest in the modern history of Essex County.

Mr. Kelley’s political career started when he was elected to the School Committee in 1950 at the age of 22, he served as chairman of the committee from 1952 to 1955 and was instrumental in the planning and building of the Johnson School. Mr. Kelley when asked about his length of service was quoted as saying “ I’m not out to break records, I’m in politics because I love it and I hope I’m able to do something for my town.”

Application available above.

American LegionScholarship $500 2016 | TBA Download PDF Here
  American Legion Post 215 Nahant is once again awarding a $500 scholarship to a graduating Nahant high school senior.  In order to determine the most deserving student, we are holding an essay contest.  All graduating Nahant resident high school seniors (public and private) whom have been accepted to an accredited 2 or 4-year higher learning program are eligible. 


P.O.BOX 82, NAHANT, MA. 01908 BY APRIL 25th, 2014


Lions Club
Educational Grant
$500 2016 | TBA Mark Reenstierna
The Nahant Lions Club will award $500 to a Nahant student who meets the following criteria: a current Nahant resident, graduating from an accredited secondary school and acceptance to an accredited institution of higher learning.

The award is based on citizenship, scholarship, extracurricular activities and need. Interested applicants should submit a letter, detailing how he, or she, meets the citizenship criteria, a transcript through the third quarter of the senior year and a letter of acceptance from the institution of higher learning, that the applicant plans to attend.

All documentation must be submitted to:
Mr. Mark S. Reenstierna, PO Box 212, Nahant, MA 01908

Dr. Robert J. Munnelly Memorial Scholarship $500 June Graduation
Download PDF Here

The Dr. Robert J. Munnelly Memorial Scholarship was established by the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Nahant in memory of its beloved President.  Dr. Munnelly was a longtime Nahant resident, distinguished veteran of the U.S. Army, and lifelong educator. He served as a classroom teacher, Northeastern University professor, and Superintendent of Schools in Saugus and Reading.  This $500 scholarship award is given as a tribute to his commitment to curriculum development and arts education for all students.  He always took a personal interest in students, enthusiastically encouraging them as they followed their educational passions. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Nahant resident, graduating high school senior
  • Accepted to an institution of higher learning
  • Well-rounded individual involved in both community and school activities
  • Preference will be given to individuals with a demonstrated interest in the arts or education and related fields (e.g. teaching, school administration, guidance, or one who has done teaching or tutoring during their high school career.)

Application Process:
Please include:

  • Personal information – name, address, telephone number and email address
  • Letter of acceptance to an institution of higher learning
  • Letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, or community leader
  • Letter describing applicant’s service to school and community and his/her educational plans

Application Deadline: May 15, 2016. All materials, including letters of recommendation, must be submitted by the deadline in order to be considered.

Please send completed applications to: Mrs. Mary Jo Ludke
4 Highland Ave. Nahant, MA 01908

Scholarship will be awarded at the Johnson School 6th Grade graduation in June of 2016.

Teachers Association Scholarship $250 2016 | TBA Johnson School

The Nahant Teachers Association is pleased to announce the offer of a $250.00 scholarship. Following are the requirements:
- Must be a Nahant resident
- Must be a graduate of the Johnson Elementary School
- Must have attended the Johnson School for at least two years

If you meet the above requirements, please
- A short essay on what you have accomplished so far and what your goals are for the future
- A copy of an acceptance letter from an accredited institution of higher learning
- A letter of recommendation from a teacher or community leader
- A copy of your complete high school transcript

Applicants must apply by May 15, 2015 and should send their completed application to: "NTA Scholarship Committee", Johnson School.  The scholarship will be awarded at the Johnson School Moving on ceremony in June.

St. Thomas Aquinas Scholarships (2) $750
2016 | TBA Nahant Woman's Club
St. Thomas Aquinas Memorial Scholarship | $750
Bill and Dolores Perry Scholarship | $500

Candidates must be a member of St Thomas Parish and a graduating senior Class of 2014 and must have attended St. Thomas Religious Education Program. The scholarships will be awarded on  Sunday, June 29th at the 9 AM Mass.

Please send a letter describing church and community service along with a letter of acceptance to an institution of higher learning and a letter of recommendation from a teacher or community leader by June 15th to:

Linda Lehman
362 Nahant Road
Nahant, MA  01908

Applications are available at St.Thomas or call Linda Lehman (781) 581-1638

Woman's Club Education Award $1,500 2016 | TBA Nahant Woman's Club
Our annual $1.500 award will be made to a high school graduate who will be continuing his, or her, education at an accredited two-four year college. Applicants must be current Nahant residents.

The award is based on academic record, financial need, community service and extra-curricular activities. The recipient will be announced at the Johnson School Graduation Ceremony in June. The award will be made directly to the applicant, at the beginning of the second semester in college. Information sheets are available at the Johnson School, Swampscott High School Guidance Office and at the Nahant Public Library. Interested seniors should send a letter of application, along with a high school transcript and evidence of acceptance to college to:

Nahant Woman's Club Scholarship | clo Ruthanne Switzer
18 Harbor View Road | Nahant, MA 01908

Youth Soccer Scholarship $ TBA 2016 | TBA Johnson School
Details to follow...      

Visit Nahant Sports Websites

There are plenty of great opportunities for young and old to participate in sports. From T-ball to tennis,soccer, golf and sailing, Nahant has several organized sports programs and outdoor actvities open to everyone.

Nahant's Own "Rex Sox" - Celebrate Their 50th Summer Season

Use the links
below to connect directly to the available websites.

Nahant Youth Basketball League

Nahant Little League

Nahant Sailing Program (NSP)

Nahant Dory Club

Nahant Soccer

Nahant Youth Tennis



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