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December 2018 Update:

Community Preservation Grant Application for Fiscal Year 2020 Now available! 

Download the FY' 2020 Application, save it to your device, fill it in, save it with your "Project Name" as the file name, and email to it:

Or you can print out your application and bring it to Town Hall. 

Applications are due January 25, 2019.
FY' 2020 Application

Overview | On April 24, 2004, Nahant adopted the Community Preservation Act (CPA), MGL c. 44B. This action added a 3% surcharge to town property taxes above the first $100,000 of assessed value.

Consistent with the CPA legislation, revenues from the surcharge and matching State funds must be devoted to open space, historic preservation, affordable housing and certain recreational uses. The first three of these areas must receive an allocation of at least 10% of each year's revenues.

Mission | The primary mission of the Community Preservation Committee is to protect and enhance Nahant's unique character as a coastal residential community by facilitating efforts to preserve historic places and structures, to retain and protect open spaces, to increase and/or develop lands available for recreational use and to seek creative solutions to the problem of affordable housing in Nahant.

Process | Consistent with the terms of the CPA, the Nahant Community Preservation Committee (CPC) was formed to study and recommend to Town Meeting plans and proposals regarding the expenditure of Nahant's CPA revenues. The CPC will serve as a reliable, predictable and flexible clearing house for community preservation ideas, plans and activities recognizing its responsibility to represent the common interests and greater good of the town. In line with this, the CPC views itself as facilitator, advisor and agent for funding recommendations. Town departments, civic organizations and property owners will be solicited for funding proposals. The committee, in turn, will provide plans and recommendations to the Town Meeting incorporating ideas and proposals that appear to best serve Nahant's community preservation needs.

CPC Board Members | 2017-2018
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Members | FY19 Current Appointed and Elected Officials

Project Submission and Forms
Next Deadline for Submission: January 25th 2019

The Community Preservation Committee requires that all proposed projects be eligible for CPA funding according to the requirements described in the State's CPA statute. In addition, the following questions include the criteria, as applicable, that the Committee will use to assess proposed projects.

  • How will the proposed project contribute to the preservation of Nahant’s unique character and enhance Nahanter’s quality of life?
  • Is the proposed project consistent with town planning documents that have received wide input and scrutiny?
  • What is the feasibility of the proposed project?
  • How “time sensitive” is the project? Is it urgent?
  • Is the cost of this project proportionate to its objectives?
  • In general, will the project serve multiple needs?
  • Specifically, will the project serve more than one CPA category (i.e. affordable housing, open space, historic preservation or recreation)?
  • Does the project have demonstrated community support?
  • Will the project preserve currently owned town assets?
  • Will the project involve the acquisition and/or protection of threatened resources?
  • Will the project involve multiple sources of funding, or woll it leverage other public and/or private funding sources or in-kind services?
  • If multiple sources of funding are involved, are commitments from other sources documented?
  • Will this project stimulate other public/private projects in Nahant?

As the law requires, Town Meeting must approve all Community Preservation Committee funding recommendations.

Please keep in mind there are legal limitations on what CPA funds can be used for. For more information visit the Massachusetts Community Preservation Act website.

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NEW FY20' CPC Grant Application Package (PDF)
Deadline for Submission: January 25th 2019
  FY19' CPC Grant Application Package (PDF)
  FY18' CPC Grant Application Package (PDF)
  FY17' CPC Grant Application Package (PDF)
  CPC Allowable Spending Purposes
  Town of Nahant Project Criteria
  Community Preservation State Information Tool Kit
  Updated: December 2017

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